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Ara Vineyard with Distant Hills & Woolshed

Vegan New Zealand Wines

We've been on a journey to transition our wines to being entirely vegan, and we're excited to share our progress. Read more here and discover our vegan New Zealand wines.

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Aren't all wines vegan?

Many people assume that all wines are automatically vegan because they’re made from grapes, but unfortunately this isn’t always true. During winemaking, the ‘fining’ process has historically used products with active ingredients sourced from animals, before these products are then filtered out of the wine. The fining process can be used to clarify, reduce colour, and refine mouthfeel.

Ara Wines Vineyard in Marlborough New Zealand
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Ara Vineyard with sun drenched hills Marlborough NZ
Fining wines

Common fining ingredients have historically included gelatin, casein (derived from milk), isinglass (derived from fish), or egg whites. 


While our finished wines have always been allergen tested to ensure there are no traces of these agents remaining, we recognise the growing number of vegan consumers who prefer wines that don’t incorporate animal products at all. 

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Our journey

We're conscious of wanting to do the right thing for the planet as well as for our plant-based customers. As a result, we’ve been testing and refining to ensure we can replace these traditional fining agents with a vegan-friendly option.  This has taken some time - the quality of the finished product is important to us, and we wanted to make sure we got it right. 

Friends enjoying vegan wines over a plant-based platter
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Plant-Based New Zealand Wine

We are excited to announce that as of 2023, all of our wines are now vegan-friendly and certified through the UK Vegetarian Society. It hasn’t happened overnight, but we’re confident that we can still deliver the delicious wines you know and love, using completely plant-based options.

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