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Welcome to the

edge of the earth.

Award-Winning Wines

Ara wines ​are crafted on ​the edge of the earth; ​the essence of Pure Marlborough. ​This remote, rugged region is our ​Tūrangawaewae, and we invite you to ​drink in the best of this remarkable place ​with every sip.

We capture and amplify the best of Marlborough in every glass.​

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Pure Marlborough

It's impossible to tell the story of Ara Wines without telling the story of our home. Nestled between rugged mountains and icy rivers lies our place of belonging - Marlborough, New Zealand.

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Our Story

We've been crafting wines on the edge of the earth for over twenty years. Learn more about our winemaking philosophy, our people, and our vineyards.

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Our Latest Release

At Ara, we’re not about making sacrifices. Some people will tell you that you can’t have an alcohol-removed wine that’s as enjoyable to drink as the real thing. We think you can. 


Presenting Ara Zero. A Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with the alcohol removed, and nothing lost. 

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Pure Marlborough

Balance · Purity · Intense flavour

Balance, purity and intense flavour set around impressive aroma, distinctive fruit and appealing balanced acidity is unrivalled. Climate is crucial to the character of Marlborough, so too is the soil. Most of the soils were laid down within the last 14,000 years; carved and eroded by glaciers in the high country and carried down to the coast by snowmelt rivers. 


South Island  ·  New Zealand

Nestled in the center of this unique country, wedged between rugged mountains and two icy rivers, lies our Tūrangawaewae, our place of belonging – Marlborough. Within in a stones' throw of the ocean, our hometown enjoys the best of sun and sea, nearby ski slopes and Sounds; the definition of raw, rugged cool climate.

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The Wairau Valley

The perfect place to grow grapes.

The highly sought-after Wairau Valley is an ancient river bed nestled between two mountain ranges and bordered to the North by Cook Strait. Broadly speaking, this finite sub-region of Marlborough covers cooler, drier inland sites, barren stony, early-ripening sites to sea-breeze moderated coastal sites. Soils are more gravelly to the north nearer the riverbed. Within this, wines reflect the individual vineyard and producer strengths but all have the hallmark pure fruit intensity and body.

Our Wine Family

Marlborough Born & Bred

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Ara Zero

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – with a twist

There is no other wine on earth that tastes like Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough.  And if you still love the quality and fruit purity that Marlborough brings, we see no reason you should miss out while you’re skipping alcohol. 

We’ve crafted a crisp, dry, Sauvignon Blanc alternative – by using full-strength wine as our starting point. Once we distilled off the alcohol, we made sure that what was left behind was all flavour. 

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About Ara

Adventurous spirit, deep respect for tradition.

We capture and amplify the best of Marlborough in every glass. Ara own 13 vineyards in the Wairau Valley and maintain strong long term relationships with some of the Valley’s best growers. This means Ara consistently have the finest grapes from the region each vintage.


Welcome to the

edge of the earth.

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