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Ara Zero: Rosé,
with the alcohol removed.

Make this your go-to-wine when you want the taste of a flavoursome Rosé, without the alcohol. Ara Zero Rosé is first crafted as a full-strength wine. We then distil off the alcohol to leave behind a classic Rosé bursting with flavours of strawberry, lime, and guava with crisp citrus.

Crafted for flavour

Ara Zero wines are crafted on the edge of the earth: the essence of Pure Marlborough.

We grow and select fruit from our vineyards in Marlborough to craft a full-strength wine, which is primed and ready to have the alcohol removed without sacrificing flavour. This means a light, refreshing non-alcoholic wine option that doesn't sacrifice taste.

Ara Wines Zero Rose non-alcoholic wine with food
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Fresh, crisp, fruity

Dry, delicious, and fresh with crisp citrus, tropical, and berry notes, this wine has all the flavours you’ve come to know and love from a Marlborough Rosé with the alcohol gently removed. We chalk that all up to a refreshing, low calorie, non-alcoholic wine. 

Dry and delicious with a fresh and moreish finish, you can happily enjoy a second or third glass guilt-free.

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Marlborough Rosé, with a twist

Ara Senior Winemaker Jeremy Tod is the master of alcohol-removed wines, having been at the forefront of zero percent winemaking globally. Here's how it works:

After a full growing season, our grapes are ready for harvesting and we create a full-strength Marlborough Rosé. Then, using advanced spinning cone technology, we gently separate out the aroma and the alcohol - making sure to retain the wine's character and flavour.

The delicate aroma is added back into the remaining non-alcoholic wine, along with a small amount of premium grape juice to round out the final blend. Then all that's left is to enjoy a refreshing non-alcoholic Rosé bursting with flavour.

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Recognised for quality

There’s no denying that Ara Zero wines have been making a splash since launch! Our Ara Zero Sauvignon Blanc was awarded Best Wine and Best White Wine at the 2022 WinePilot Zero Alcohol Wine Show.

It also scored 95 points at the 2022 International Wine and Spirits Competition. How's that for accolades?!

Ara Wines Zero Sauvingon Blanc and Rose wines
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Vegan friendly

Our wines are certified vegan-friendly by the UK Vegetarian Society, and sustainably accredited through Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand.

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Low calories

With only 13 calories per 100 ml serving, you can enjoy completely guilt-free! That's 75% fewer calories than you'd find in a standard 12.5% alcohol wine.

Bronze Medal winner at the Royal Hobart Wine Show 2022
Award winning

In addition to our Sauvignon Blanc making a splash, our Rosé won a Bronze medal at the Royal Hobart Wine Show - judged alongside full-strength Rosé.

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When you fancy a change from your Rosé , we've added a delightful Sauvignon Blanc alcohol-free to our range which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Platters, please

Ara Zero pairs beautifully with platters - which makes this wine an even greater excuse to treat yourself if you're used to having soft drinks or juice as your non-alcoholic option!

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Enjoy anytime

We create a full-strength wine, then remove the alcohol using spinning cone technology, so you can enjoy a glass before sober driving, an early start, or a working lunch.

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The Fine Print 

Nutritional Information chart for Ara Zero Rosé wine
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Welcome to the

edge of the earth.

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